The Formation of a Cloud (2020)
BFA Graduate Film. 

06’13” min

Stop motion, live action, film essay


Four handmade dioramas trace back into a childhood memory where it eventually finds its ending in the space of its beginnings.


Maker, Director, Writer
Jenn Tran

Voice Over
Vicky Lam

Super 8 Camera Operator
Veronica Charmont

Composer, Sound Designer
Mara Schwerdtfeger

Supervising Producers
Robert Stephenson
Paul Fletcher

Online Edit
Andrew Conell

Sound Mix
Ant Bohun

Depicted through a mix of stop-motion animation and super-8 film, The Formation of a Cloud revisits a distant, seemingly innocent childhood memory of a ford crossing located in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

A meditative journey of revisitation and discovery, this short film essay maps the past through four handmade dioramas that chronicle different explorations of the suburban waterway: from the director’s own reimagined memory and a dreamscape of native fauna, to the Indigenous significance of the site and the closing vignette, in which the narrator – visiting the ford for the first time in 10 years – speaks of how tracing back can lead to memory’s own turning point.

© Jenn Tran